Frenchmans Guy x Cs Night Light by Royal Quick Dash
Property of: Chad Hart


About Us

Chad Hart


A Georgia native, Chad started in the horse business in the '90's with barrel racing horses and the stallion Packin Sixes. The first race stallion he stood was Dashing Val.

Chad stood stallions at various farms. As his business continued to grow he purchased the acreage in Kaplan, which is now home to Hart Farms.

Chad oversees the business aspects of the farm operation.

(706) 201-5648

Jerome Bellard

Farm Manager

Prior to joining Hart Farms in May 2010, Jerome was a licensed racehorse trainer since 1995. He trained both Quarter horses and Thoroughbreds mainly in Louisiana. In addition to training, he also dabbled in the breeding side a bit even standing the stallion, Corona Cocktail at his own training facility for Chad Hart. Chad and Jerome have been friends close to twenty years. In 2010, Chad needed a new farm manager. Jerome was a great fit with his vast knowledge of the industry, breeding skills, and an established working relationship.

(337) 643-3255 or (337) 207-7944