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Louisiana Bred

Without question, Louisiana has the most comprehensive breeders and owners awards incentive program in North America.

Breeders (owners/lessee of the mare at time of foaling) of Accredited Louisiana Bred foals receive breeders awards from the State of Louisiana, LA State Racing Commission or the LQHABA when their Accredited Louisiana Bred Quarter Horse finishes first, second or third in an Accredited Louisiana Bred race or an open race in Louisiana. Awards are currently paid at 25% for a first, second or third.

Restricted races-By state law, every track in the state must offer races every day of a live meet that are restricted to accredited Louisiana-breds.

Purse Supplements-Restricted Louisiana bred races are always enhanced by purse supplements and often the restricted race for state-breds will offer a higher purse than an open race with the same conditions. These supplements come from the Video Poker, the LQHBA portion of OTB funds, Breakage and Slot Machines at the tracks.

Multiple State Bred Days-Louisiana is the only state with more than one State Bred Day. Currently we offer three,

No other state offers more than one state bred day!